We feel so blessed. When you have good friends, a loving family, an able body….you have a good life.  

This last week we went to Canyon Lake (a beautiful clear blue water lake in North Texas) with our friends.  This is one of their favorite places.  They have an AMAZING wakeboarding boat…like a boat DESIGNED for wakeboarding!!! In heaven?  YES I WAS!  They have two adorable younger kids that went with us who are crazy good at this wake-board thing.  My friend Jane (their mom) is also a beast (she took Kylie on the board with her the last time we went on the boat with them.   And Jason (the dad) is an incredible coach.   His older son also came up for a day and he’s basically a pro haha.
A TENDER MERCY AND A BLESSING—I dislocated my right shoulder the first day while trying to jump the wake…I went down pretty hard and pulled my shoulder out.  I was more mad than in pain, because I didn’t want the trip to be of me just chilling on the boat.  So I gave it a break, and by the next day I figured out how to do everything with my left hand….friends my left side got strooong over those few days lol.
Here are some photos -a little “Diary Gallery” of our trip + some FAQ AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE


So proud of Daniel.  He learned how to jump the wake this trip and was getting really good.  His goal for next time is to jump wake to wake.  WOOHOO

Wake surfing was a dream!  The closest thing I’ve come to feeling like I’m on the actual ocean.  I’ve missed that phase of my life so much.  It was a highlight of the trip for me because I got up the FIRST TRY!  I know this sounds like major boasting…but it’s my diary so I can boast if I want haha.

This girl is fearless!  I was so nervous about trying it, but after she just went for it, I was like BRING IT ON!


She literally ate herself to sleep ^_^


Their faces say it all!  This was the second day on the lake and it was the toughest on the girls which in turn made it rough for everyone.  There was just no pleasing them.  We just had to laugh to not lose our minds!

Day 3 they were in heaven.  The weather was perfect and the girls were great! This day Daniel and I both wake surfed WITHOUT the rope.  Eh hem-I did it first 😉 hehe

The girls and I discovered that our favorite place to chill on the boat was laying down on the back

Blonde hair don’t care!  <3 Until next time.  I miss it already.  For the last too days I’ve felt the ground moving  like i was still on the boat.


-Where did you stay?  Holiday Lodge (It’s literally at the top of the hill from the loading dock)
What did ya’ll eat?  We brought all our food.  And coordinated on dinners.  We had spaghetti one night, steak the other.  For lunch we had sandwiches and tons and tons of snacks on the boat.  We made all the food at home beforehand (except the steaks)
-Did your place have a full kitchen?  It had a microwave, a hot plate, sink, fridge.  With 2 grills outside.
-What was your schedule with 2 little kids?  We’d wake up, eat breakfast then jump on the boat.  Like I said we had TONS of snacks, drinks, and one day stopped on shore to eat lunch.  The girls would tire themselves out and usually pass out on the boat.  The nice thing though was since we were so close to the dock, we could go in whenever we wanted.  Which me and the girls did go in for a couple hours the one of the days to let them take real long naps.  But after that, we were literally on the boat all day.  And they loved it.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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