chocolate almond butter sandwich heb

2 slices spelt or wheat bread (mine is spelt that I make at home)
2 tbls almond butter
2 tbls chocolate hummus (I get mine at HEB but can be found at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and some Walmarts)


Carbs: 45.5
Fat: 15
Protein: 9

HEB texas hummus toddler snacks healthy eating healthy toddler snacks

almond butter chocolate sandwich

This sandwich is on repeat for my girls.  It’s all they want to eat…last week it was yogurt for every meal every day.  I’m not even exaggerating, their poop was starting to smell real bad lol.
One day I had a hard hitting sugar craving (I’ve been off sugars for a week now).  I recalled how I used to eat peanut butter + nutella sandwiches, but those were neither nutritious nor qualified for my no sugar goal.  So I experimented with this combo and it was a VICTORY!
Seriously so easy.  And so yummy.  And really not terrible for you.

Other FAST and mostly healthy foods for you and your people.

Plain yogurt + agave+ add some chia seeds and hemp hearts.  The girls love mixing in the chia seeds themselves and it’s fun and exciting for them.

turkey + cucumbers + hummus

beef jerky+apple boats

scrambled eggs + laughing cow cheese wedge

salad -YES salad.  Have you ever tried to dress up a salad really big and cool for your kids.  Or have them put the toppings on themselves?  Try adding some bacon bits (I like the Costco kind), tomatoes or other veggies they may like.  Shred some carrot say it’s a cook orange magic pieces.  IDK whatever your toddlers get in to.  You’d be surprised how easily they’ll eat something if you make the process exciting for them