Isn’t my little photographer great?!  Haha, Kylie randomly wanted to take a pic, and I decided it was worthy of an entire post to commemorate the moment.  Ha, no really though, it must have been in the stars, because I’ve been wanting to share this shirt (because I LOVE it) but with my husband (regular photographer) gone during all day light hours I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen.  Then I happened to be wearing it the day Kylie decides she wants to take a photo.

I’ve been a David Bowie fan for a few years now, I even started learning “Space Oddity” on the guitar and oh my goodness have you heard the “Peace On Earth” duet with Bing Crosby?  I love Bowie’s voice!  I no joke have been on the hunt for a David Bowie shirt for about 2 years now.  None of the ones on Amazon had good reviews and the ones from Hot Topic are always weird…plus I just don’t enjoy going in that store.  But this one is soft and lightweight, flattering and long.  So when I came across this AND it was on SALE I had to have it!  It was meant to be! How could I say NO?  My husband just laughs at me because he knows how badly i’ve wanted a Bowie (and Guns n’ Roses, and Goo Goo dolls, and Beatles) shirt 😀