Having sick toddlers can be rough…but at the same time I like to savor it…well the part where they become so cuddly and fall asleep in your arms (something they stop doing at too early an age for my taste).  And even though I was cooped up in the house, cleaning up vomit, no time to shower and constantly having one or both girls attached to me, it was a sweet bonding time for all of us.  The Lord really does help mamas in need when they ask for it.  I found myself having an enlarged capacity for patience and tolerance that wasn’t my own.  The ability to stay calm, and have a soothing tender voice when I was thrown up on at 2 am, or would sooth one crying baby to sleep, only to immediately have the other wake up and start crying…I was literally going back and forth between comforting children and all the while able to be sincerely nurturing and patient.  I count that as a tender miracle.  And as odd as it sounds I felt rejuvenated after those 3 sick days, I got lots of cuddles and naps with the girls in, and lots of scripture reading (I would read my Book Of Mormon whenever they’d pass out and I wasn’t sleepy).

Thankfully though, the girls are back to their normal selves now 😀