It’s amazing and wonderful how much has changed over the years. We are in an entirely different place in life compared to 4 years ago. Where that time was one of hopelessness, stress, barely existent funds and loneliness. We now have promising prospects that only keep getting better, we have a beautiful place to live, wonderful friends and others that are like family.
4 years ago on the 4th of July was very different from today. And it makes me so grateful for our life and the growth we went through.

Daniel was working in sales at the time and they sent him to the Houston 4th of July celebration (which is actually preeetty cool) and suggested I come down with Kylie girl to hang out while he worked.
We were struggling so badly back then, and that very day I had received an eviction notice on our door.

I had two options. Stay at home and stew in my own anxiety or get out of the house with my baby.
So I loaded her up and off we went.

I didn’t want to stress Daniel out and hinder his abilty to make as many sales as possible, so I kept the knowledge of the eviction to myself. It was hard, I remember sitting on a rock most of the afternoon (how I did that in the Houston summer heat is beyond me) trying to find things to be happy about, and praying desperately for some peace of mind.

I must have gotten it, because what I remember most about that day was that Josh Turner was the headliner-which was amazing-and the firework show was incredible. Even though those times were rough I’m grateful that we went through it. There were some highlights during those dark days and I do believe they prepared us for better things. Now I CAN’T honestly say they were fun and that I was grateful and happy at the time because quite honestly they SUCKED! lol But we did work hard to stay positive all throughout and THAT is why we made it to where we are now. And if anything else they let us prove to ourselves that we are a strong couple and we can work together to get through things. We’ve seen each other at our worse and we’re closer because of it. How wonderful eternal marriage is. I say ‘eternal’ because realistically there were times where if I didn’t have the knowledge that our marriage can be eternal…the motivation to stay together, keep doing the mom and wife thing wouldn’t have been appealing. And how much I would have missed out on had that been the case 😉


Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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