I absolutely loved where we stayed with our friends, Brett & Ashley. They had a pool that was 2 feet deep all the way across and perfect for the girls to swim in. Kylie is a strong swimmer already, so it was mainly really great for Harley because she was able to feel like a “big girl” without her floaty, and swim alongside Kylie. They played “racing” and begged me to chase them around. As you can see they were just pure joy, you always know how happy they are when Kylie smiles big for a camera.
The boys cooked us dinner our first night. It made me and Ashley so happy seeing these two old roommates and best friends side by side after 5 years.
Soooo cute, right/
It was too picture perfect how these girls settled in for the night and listened to daddy sing to them. Kylie even at the perfect moment sat up to cover Harley and kissed her on the forehead. We’re like “yeah” to Brett + Ashley “we trained our girls beforehand to put on this show for you to see how perfect our life is” LOL. NOT