Made possible with the help of our generous family members ^_^

Last May we were fortunate enough to take the girls to Disneyland!!! Daniel had the genius idea of putting together a donation account, rather than Christmas gifts we asked if people would rather donate ($1 to whatever $) they would be more than appreciated. People were MORE generous than planned so rather than take our trip in a year as planned, we were able to go the following Spring.

The pure JOY

Churro! Churro! Churro!

Meeting friends

It was as if they believed they were in Princess school or something. They would immediately be composed, dainty little ladies, and do everything the Princesses asked…”sit” “hold my hand” “take a photo with me”

Oh the magic!

The FOOD may be pricy…but they do it RIGHT!

The great thing about pre-budgeting was that we literally tried any food that we wanted. And I didn’t take nearly enough pictures. Like I’d mentioned before, I’ve started to not take pictures if it interferes with ‘living in the moment’ and has the potential of taking some of the fun away from my family. And plates of delicious looking food + hungry excited toddlers does NOT = “Wait!” or “Don’t touch it!” You just can’t put exciting new treats in front of them and expect them to wait patiently so that I can get the perfect photo. Hence, very few foodie moments. But I have no regrets.

Hugs n’ kisses

The End

Going back through these photos warms my heart. Mostly because I see the pure joy and excitement on their faces. Of course while it was happening I knew they were excited and happy, but when I see that they had legit smiles plastered on their faces, it’s so validated to see “oh yeah! They were ecstatic. In a way I’m happy that I waited so long to post any of them. It was like reliving everything over again, seeing behind the scenes in a way.

Thank you all who helped make the trip perfect.

  • Jilian for typing a 4 page document (not kidding) on their tips, tricks and secrets of tackling Disney with kiddos
  • Our family that donated to this Christmas gift
  • Auntie Kari for letting us crash her condo (more pictures to come of our time with her), and babysitting so Dan and I could go out ourselves one night.
  • Kimber (Daniel’s sister) for teaming up with us one of the days and helped watch the girls.

Love you all!

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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