Coming back from vacation is a tricky thing. The fact that it’s 4 pm and I’m still not wearing a bra pretty much sums up that I’m in denial. Haha
We just got back from our annual Draycott-Worwood Canyon Lake trip (yes I am designating this an annual thing :D) It was a blast as it always is. This year Dawson (Jason’s son) came for the entire 3 days. And with him and Jason both coaching, I was able to do more on the wakeboard and wake surfing than ever before. Not any crazy tricks like jumping wake to wake like Dawson can (and Daniel now almost can) but they were big steps for me…like now I’m comfortably in total control of where the board goes, whereas before I kinda just stood up and tried not to fall. I was going outside the wake on either side and doing S carves. It felt amaaazing.

Little Kylie girl even got adventurous and tried standing up again….kind of, it was more of a “I’ll endure this so I can have ice cream” (ice cream was our bribe for her to try).

Kylie, Harley, Skylar
Harley content with life. Oranges, pringles, water…what more could a girl want.
Daddy in the funny Charlie Brown life jacket that he loves so much ^_^
Traveling with littles 101
ALWAYS, ALWAYS bring a little potty.