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In the past I’ve done little “Behind the Scenes” spotlights at the end of my posts which basically give insight into what REALLY was happening while attempting to get those oh so convenient “perfect” snapshots. They were pretty popular with ya’ll so todays post is just that…basically a “Behind the Scenes” of each photo. Because isn’t that what life really is? A constant effort to be and look our best? But there are ALWAYS bts (behind the scenes) moments that will make you cringe or make you smile in every single image you see on social media. ALWAYS!

I feel it’s healthy (for the creator and the viewer) to acknowledge and embrace ( and even better…SHARE) the not so perfect, not so beautiful moments in their lives. We’re all in this together, and the un-beautiful parts make up who you are just as much if not more so than the beautiful.
At the very least they make for more entertaining stories at parties and gatherings 😀

Taken this last 4th of July, I shared on my Instagram how this picture was going to look very different in my mind. In the end this is what we got…but I ended up loving it more because Kylie is doing a real (uh hem ‘normal’) smile. And little Har-Har is looking directly at the camera.
Originally Roman was supposed to be wearing a Onesie from my sis with some cute navy shorts, I was going to have my hair done up cute with a blue bandana, Harley in a white tank and cute star shorts with a red bandana in her hair, and Daniel had a different shirt that didn’t have his work logo on it lol, Kylie looked real good other than she refused to brush her hair.
In the end, Roman soaked through his diaper (obviously ruining all chances of his outfit making an appearance) and getting all over Dan’s shirt as well. Harley DID NOT want to wear anything other than her rainbow unicorn dress, and for whatever reason wanted her bandana tied on like a cape. Oh and one of the girls misplaced MY bandana 🙁 But fortunately over the past year I’ve learned to separate what’s expendable and what is actually important. Looking “perfect” in a single picture really doesn’t define my life. And in the end everyone looked so happy, and more importantly we FELT happy.
Okay so this one is just simply what it is. Precious. The girls met their little brother for the first time, and I was able to get this, it’s a little blurry, but I don’t care. This was taken mere hours after his birth in the comfort of our home, there was this calm peace in the room, and I’m so grateful for my little fam.
There I was snuggled up with my new baby, thinking that I could get a few moments of rest and alone time with him…when my other two munchkins come bounding in, wanting to hold the baby, wanting to kiss the baby, wanting me to hold and kiss them….you get it…so I’m feeling smothered but there must be some sort of PATIENCE mixed in with that post labor love drug because I didn’t feel angry despite feeling smothered. I was able to coax the girls into taking a nap with me in my bed. Sometimes being the last to fall asleep has its perks. You get moments like this on camera.
5 minutes later he had a biiiig poop
Attempting this shot 1000000 times because the stupid phone kept falling over!

It can all be beautiful

Slow down and give yourself permission to soak in the moment. Don’t be so hard on yourself, and when life doesn’t go your way, document it as a funny story to retell later, or to pull strength from when you face adversity again.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo


  1. I’m so sad that I probably won’t ever meet your son, oh oh we maybe coming that way in September just maybe we could social distancing of course we could come and see y’all. Just maybe.

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