Coming to you live from another of my “transformation series”
This breakfast Avocado Toast was on repeat for me during my 4 week transformation. It’s so simple, very filling and tasty. The assembly is pretty self explanatory but I’ve broken in down for the those who appreciate a step by step process

Nutrition Facts

240 k/cal Carbs 23.9g Protein 15.1g Fat 8.8g

  • 1 slice Granny’s Delight sprouted wheat bread
  • 1 oz turkey breast (approx 2 slices)
  • 1 oz tomato (approx 2-3 slices -steak tomato)
  • 1 large egg cooked over easy
  • 2 oz avocado (approx 1 half of a large avocado-Costco size)
  • Everything but the Bagel seasoning (Trader Joe’s–Costco also sells something similar)

*ps I totally recommend getting a food scale. ( I have THIS ONE and it’s only $13! ) They aren’t expensive, and they’re great for cooking AND obviously measuring and weighing your food. It’s been helping me eat enough! Not making me eat less. It’s a weight off my shoulders knowing exactly how much of what is going into my body, and it usually ends up being MORE than what I would have thought was a sufficient serving + be feeling stressed after thinking that I ate TOO MUCH when it reality I needed to eat MORE. It makes perfect sense now why my milk supply dried up so fast with my two girls…I was definitely not eating enough to keep it up.

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were uplifted. Feel free to leave your thoughts or questions xo
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