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Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.  I’m not your typical “fashion/lifestyle” blogger.  I don’t have Louboutin heels, I don’t travel the world and stay in 5 star places.  My life is by no means perfect.  But I’m happy, and I’m content.  I feel so strongly that every woman is beautiful, special, and has more than one thing to offer, if only they love themselves, love others, and are grateful for what they have.  My blog is a platform where I try to inspire others to be HAPPY, through gratitude, a healthy lifestyle, simple beauty tips, easy recipes and finding the treasures within.  I don’t think that you need to spend $1000 on one outfit to look cute.  I won’t lie, sometimes I fall in love with something and splurge from time to time.  But generally I like to keep my style and everything about my blog relatable and achievable.

My blog is also a place I use as an online journal to archive my life with my little family.

Thanks for visiting.  Browse around, and come back soon!





Q. Do you wear extensions?
A. I do have a set of Laced Hair extensions that I will use for when I need a long braid at the front of my face.  But other than that I do not.

Q.  What’s your nationality?
A. I’m half Japanese half European.  Both my parents were born and raised in California

Q. Where are you from?
A. California is where I was born.  Most of my family now lives in Southern Utah

Q. What is your diet?
A. I’m definitely an all natural & health enthusiast.  Throughout the day I will eat only raw foods, and will have one cooked meal a day, usually for dinner.  And even that cooked meal is paleo or vegetarian. For the most part I avoid processed foods of any kind

Q. Are you a Mormon?
A. Why yes I am!  I’m a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka Mormon.

Q. What are some other blogs you like reading?
A.  I love blogs that stay original and real.  I don’t mind sponsored posts, I think they’re exciting for bloggers, but if a blog starts to become too commercialized and full of unconvincing endorsements and all designer products (honestly WHO relate to that!?)  I stop reading.  I really enjoy Freckled Fox, Maskcara and Pink Pistachio.  These ladies stay real, and I admire that.




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